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Acquire and Use Your Energy Information

Enelytics provides consulting and web application services for energy invoice processing/verification, internal and external data acquisition, and energy information management, analysis, and reporting. We assist large-scale energy consumers in staying competitive by providing relevant monitoring (ie, of costs and metrics) and insight on the demand side of the meter. Our SaaS solutions for assimilating energy information and making it accessible to support decisions add value to any energy management operation. 

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Areas of Experience and Expertise

Invoice Verification

Enelytics offers clients the capability to process high volumes of invoices over all ranges of complexity with a precise verification methodology. Whether processed manually or electronically with an automated work flow that we implement, invoices are verified against our database of published rates and/or supply contract terms and independently acquired market energy pricing data. 

Independent M&V for EP Contracting

Complex ECM's, especially in process industries, can present special M&V modeling requirements. We have the analytical skills to set up (or validate, if that's all that is needed) and monitor performance reporting in support of energy performance contracting requirements. From corroboration of calculations to a full-service M&V web portal, we can boost confidence in your EPC projects through our independent M&V services. 

Special Projects

Special requirements are bound to surface wherever the boundaries are being pushed to drive down cost, increase transparency, and manage new challenges. Enelytics has a solid and diverse skillset, and a network of likewise talented partners and subcontractors that we can bring to bear on any energy project with information management and/or advanced ‘enelytical’ requirements.